On Location & In-School Presentations & Workshops:

Dana's hope for living a kinder, more thoughtful life is the basis for her writing and she extends that to her school visits. Her enthusiastic school program incorporates her mantra/slogan of Think then Jump™ affirming that children can be thoughtful with their words and actions while still having fun in life.  Living life mindfully.

Using lessons from the books which incorporate the Pillars of Character and learning activities aligned to Common Core State Standards, Dana engages the students in discussions about the story and how to use the Think then Jump™ concept in their own lives. Each example is a reinforcement for building strong character traits.  Dana also includes a variety of verbal, visual and sensory exercises to enhance their language arts and imagination skills.

Below are several sample Author Day Presentations from which to choose, depending on the age of the students. However, Dana’s specialty is customizing a workshop depending on the grade, objectives, skills and class make-up.  She works closely with a school principals and PTA to tailor a presentation to specific curriculum.

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Option #1: Language Arts/Life Lessons 

  • Geared toward Pre-K– 2nd Grade

  • 20–35 minutes reading/interaction per class

  • Maximum of 5 classes/day

Dana reads her books, and then engages the students in an active conversation about how books can teach us life lessons.  Read More

Option #2: Character Building - "Thoughtful Me - Special You" 

  • Geared toward Grades 2-3

  • 15 minutes reading/interaction per class & 20 minutes of class activity

  • Maximum of 5 classes/day

This approach includes the reading/discussion portion from above as well as invites the students to partake in a thoughtful exercise.  Read More

Option #3: Author Purpose - What's the Point?

  • Geared toward Grades 1-3

  • 10 minutes of reading & 25 minutes of interaction

  • Maximum of 5 classes/day

This approach would include the reading and discussion portion from Option #1 as well as a deeper discussion about
the author’s purpose and inspiration. Read More

Option #4: Story Cube Workshop

  • Geared toward Grades 3–4

  • 40 minutes of reading/interaction, review of story & cube elements (student hands on activity)

  • Maximum of 5 classes/day

The story cube workshop focuses on the importance of gathering the basic elements of a story to help guide a writer through the writing process. Read More

Option #5: Writing Workshop/Small Assembly & Small Group

  • Geared toward Grades 3–5

  • 40 minute assembly to review writing elements, followed by 30–40 minutes of small group workshop with student writing

  • Maximum 2 Assembly presentations or 1 Assembly presentation with 2-3 small groups/day

The writing workshop requires that two periods of school day be dedicated to the students’ involvement in writing. Read More



Book Sales & Author Signings:

2Fish Inc. will provide a 35% discount on books that are purchased for author appearances. Books can be autographed if the school provides information to 2fish Inc. prior to the visit. 

Presentation Fee: $800 per day

This daily fee applies to schools within a 50-mile driving distance from Hartsdale, NY.  If you school is outside the 50-mile radius and travel arrangements need to be made to host an event in your school, please send an email inquiry to below address.

To have Dana visit your school, please email: dana@2fishinc.com